InterOP System  
  InterOP system is  the description of the system to be derived interoperability. It adapts BACnet method that is KS X 6909's standard protocol and characterized interoperable with other systems in the building automation system.
  WebCTRL(Web Control) system is  a building control system through the internet. It is a cutting edge system that can control building systems through a web browser from anywhere as far as one can use internet.
  Environment & industry safety system/ tunnel control system
What is tunnel control?
The smaller than minute micro particle in tunnels is the reason for respiratory organ diseases. The tunnel control system supports us not only to monitor in a fire surveillance and air change inside of tunnel but also automatically detects the prone of dangerous conditions to happen inside of tunnel and controls to keep proper environment condition.

 Environment & industry safety system
The environment and industry safety system automatically measures the amount and thickness of dust, sulphurous acid gas, NOx, CO, HCI and HF from factories in real time and sends data of pollution level to related local governments and regional environmental offices. It supports us to surveille the state of discharge of air pollution materials in real time and builds 24 hours monitoring structure on dust, harmful gas and toxic substances generated from factories in order to enhance efficiency and reliability.