IBS(Intelligent Building System)
  IBS provides a comfortable work environment, improves work efficiency and achieves companies' management goals by properly controlling a building. This is all accomplished by organically integrating systems such as a telecommunication system, an office automation system and a building automation system.
  Central Control and Monitoring System
  'Central Control and Monitoring System' is a network system that can effectively manage and control all the equipment in a building. Its protocol is BACnet..
2. DDC
3. Sensor & Transmiter
4. Valves
  Web Control System
  WebCTRL is a cutting edge system that allows us to have remote access to buildings, control the electricity supply and the equipment system using a web browser from anywhere in the world.
  Network for Building Automation
  The Building Automation System can provide a comfortable indoor environment, maintain the safest and most economical operation conditions for various equipment, and quickly cope with an emergency. This system is for properly operating building management, maintenance and repair.

HVAC(Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning) refers to the indoor comfort industry installed for water supply and drainage, ventilating, air-conditioning and heating in a building. One example of this is fire fighting equipment construction.

  This is the construction of installing equipment and piping for petrochemistry, refining oil and gas industry facilities.
  District Heating
  District heating refers to the piping construction for supplying energy sources to consumers in general buildings and joint residents.