Jul 15th,1988   Established Kukjea Engineering
Aug 1st,1988   Started BAS(Building Automation Systems) business
Aug16th,1989   Certified for electric work license
Feb 1st,  1992   Acquired dealership of Saginomiya   Seisakusho Inc. in   Japan
Aug 24th,1992   Moved Head Office to 70-8 Nonhyon-dong,   Kangnam-gu, Seoul
Sep 1st, 1992   Corporate name changed to Kukjea B.M.S Co.,Ltd.
Dec 30th,1994   Certified for machine installation work license
Oct 2nd, 1997   Certified for general fire-fighting work license
Dec 18th,1997   Increased capital to 400 million Korean won
Apr16th, 1999   Acquired dealership of ALC(Automation Logic   Corporation) in the U.S.A
Jun 23rd, 1999   Gave presentation about the BACnet system at the   Presentation of New Technologies sponsored by   SAREK (Society of Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating   Engineers of Korea) at Muju Resort
Oct 29th,1999   Certified for special fire-fighting work license
Nov19th,1999   Gave presentation about the BACnet system at   KNHC's(Korea National Housing Corporation)   demonstration
Dec 30th,1999   Registered factory
Jun 21st, 2000   Exhibition of the Products of Air-Conditioning and   Refrigerating facilities sponsored by SAREK at   Yongpyong Resort
  Exhibited and announced the Automatic Control System   of Kukjea B.M.S Co., Ltd. 
Feb1st, 2001   Finished development of the WebCTRL system of the IBS   System   
Apr 13th,2001   Participated in the seminar for the development of   Automation Control Technology sponsored by IBS   KOREA Participated in the demonstration for BACnet's   interoperability among Kukjea B.M.S Co., Ltd., Honeywell   Co., Ltd, and Nao Digital System Co., Ltd.
Jul 12th, 2001

  Participated in the 5th HARFKO(Heating,   Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Fluid Exhibition) at   the Indian Ocean at COEX
  Demonstrated Building control by using the internet   (WebCTRL)

Aug 31st,2001

  Participated in the 2001 Demonstration for BACnet's   interoperability at the KNHC's head office
  Demonstrated the interoperable controls of electricity,   fans, and valves between Kukjea B.M.S Co.,Ltd., and   Nara Controls Inc.

Sep 14th,2001

  Received ISO 9001: 2000 Certification (Orion Register   Inc., U.S.A)
 :Completed the design and execution of the automatic   control installation:
 :Completed the execution and additional services for the   installation of facilities and fire protection

  Moved head office to 654 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu,   Seoul