Kukjea B.M.S CO., LTD. is specialized in a building automation system, installation machines, an environment & industry safety system and a tunnel control with various construction experiences of general hospitals, laboratories, department stores, residential complexes so on. We have grown steadily based on accumulated experiences, technologies and theories in order to provide satisfaction and pleasure to customers.

We set a goal of reaching a sales amount of 8billion won. We emphasize on the product management for achieving customer centered management and make efforts for improvement of product on a day to day basis in order to be trusted by customers.

We also obtain many well trained & skilled employees and do our best for satisfying customers with carrying out checking the whole process of project one by one, from design to completion, and obtaining wholesome financial structure in management. We are pride of 0% of industry disaster and make grave efforts at the management of the spot safety.

To step forward with carrying out more developed technologies and specialized knowledge in the 21 century, we will strive to reserve the position of the technique Korean in the world.